How to Hide Likes on Twitter: Your Twitter Activity Privacy

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How to Hide Likes on Twitter

Twitter did not provide a built-in feature to hide the number of likes on your tweets or others’ tweets. However, you can still control who can see your likes and, indirectly, the visibility of likes on your tweets.

To limit the visibility of your likes, you can set your Twitter account to “protected” or private. When your account is protected, only your approved followers can see your tweets and your likes. This way, your likes are shielded from the public eye.

The Importance of Privacy on Social Media

Privacy is a fundamental aspect of using social media, ensuring that you have control over the content you interact with and the information you share.

How to Hide Your Likes on Twitter

Let’s delve into the steps to hide your likes on Twitter.

Accessing Twitter Settings

Begin by navigating to your Twitter account settings. This is where you’ll find options to manage your privacy.

Navigating to Privacy and Safety

Within your account settings, you’ll find a section for “Privacy and Safety.” This is where you can customize your privacy preferences.

Customizing Your Like Visibility

In the “Privacy and Safety” section, you’ll find options to manage the visibility of your likes. You can choose to make them private, visible only to your followers, or public.

What Happens to Tweets I’ve Liked If I Hide My Likes on Twitter”

How to Hide Likes on Twitter
How to Hide Likes on Twitter

When you hide your likes on Twitter, the tweets you’ve previously liked remain unaffected in terms of their content and visibility to the users who posted them. Your likes essentially become private, so they won’t be visible to anyone else, but the tweets themselves still exist on the platform.

Your own timeline will no longer display your liked tweets, and other users won’t see a list of your likes on your profile. However, the users whose tweets you’ve liked won’t be notified that you’ve unliked or hidden your likes on their tweets.

It’s essential to note that while you can hide your likes, the content of the tweets you liked is still public and can be seen by those who have access to the original tweets. Your action only affects the visibility of your likes on your profile and timeline.

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What Happens When You Hide Likes

Understanding the implications of hiding your likes is essential. This section will clarify the changes in your Twitter activity.

Making Your Twitter Experience More Personal

Hiding your likes also allows you to curate your Twitter feed more effectively.

Curating Your Feed

With hidden likes, your Twitter feed becomes a more personalized space, showing you content that truly matters to you.

Focusing on Quality Content

You can focus on high-quality content and interact with tweets that genuinely interest you.

The Impact on Followers and Interactions

Learn how hiding your likes might affect your followers and interactions on Twitter.

Balancing Privacy and Engagement

Discover the balance between privacy and engagement on Twitter and how to make the most of both aspects.

Can Others See My Hidden Likes on Twitter When Visiting My Profile”

How to Hide Likes on Twitter
How to Hide Likes on Twitter

When you hide your likes on Twitter, the likes themselves become private, which means they won’t be visible to anyone else on your profile or timeline. Other users who visit your profile will not see a list of the tweets you’ve liked. Your liked tweets are effectively hidden from public view.

However, it’s important to note that your hidden likes pertain only to the visibility on your profile and timeline. The tweets you’ve liked are still public and can be seen by users who have access to the original tweets, especially if those tweets are from accounts with public settings.

In summary, your hidden likes on Twitter remain private on your profile, and others won’t see a list of your liked tweets when visiting your profile, but the original tweets you liked are still visible to those with access to them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to common questions about hiding likes on Twitter.


Hiding your likes on Twitter is a practical way to personalize your experience and maintain your privacy. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can curate your Twitter feed to align with your interests and preferences while still engaging with the Twitter community.


Q. Can others see my hidden likes if they visit my profile?

A. No, when you hide your likes, they are not visible on your profile.

Q. What happens to tweets I’ve liked if I hide my likes?

A. Your liked tweets remain visible to you but are hidden from other users.

Q. Can I undo the setting and make my likes public again?

A. Yes, you can revisit your privacy settings and make your likes public at any time.

Q. Will hiding my likes affect my Twitter engagement and interactions?

A. It may impact how other users perceive your activity, but you can still engage with tweets and conversations.

Q. Is hiding likes a recommended practice on Twitter?

A. It depends on your personal preferences. Some users choose to hide their likes for privacy, while others keep them public for engagement.

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